Downloads and Links

Business Planning and Tracking – Case Study Examples  Presentation that shows a comprehensive series of lean techniques including visual control, that reduced overall workload by 60% once set up. Click here for a PDF file.

Business Process Re-Engineering – Housekeeping Case Study  Project resulted in a 30% reduction in cost to benchmark levels with full participation of UAW workforce with no grievances filed. Six-sigma DMAIC methodology used. Click here for a PDF file.

DuPage Habitat for Humanity – Lean Implementation Case Study  This paper documents the entire process of implementing lean principles into the planning and constructing of houses at this Chicago-land affiliate. The goal of the initiative was to more than triple capacity without increasing the paid staffing level. Project was based around a value stream map of the future state.  Click here for a PDF file.

How to Win at Production Launch  This article first appeared in the Society of Manufacturing Engineers (SME) Lean Directions monthly online newsletter on December 6, 2006. Click here for a link to the SME article webpage or click here for a PDF file.

Improving Organizational Capability  This brief presentation characterizes organizations into three levels of capability and explains how they can evolve into higher levels.  The levels are defined based on experience with hundreds of examples of clients, divisions, and suppliers over a 30 year period.  Click here for the PDF file.

Product Lifecycle Management Matrix  I was one of several co-authors of this useful matrix developed by the SME Product Lifecycle Management technical group. Click here for a link to the current version of the matrix as a PDF file.   To see the SME Product Lifecycle Management technical group homepage, click here.

Lean Production Launch Tools  I gave this presentation at the SME Conference on Lean Product Development in Florence Kentucky, April 16, 2008. The presentation focuses on creating an achievable build plan and lean program tracking tools. Click here for a PDF file.

Society of Manufacturing Engineers Forum  Link to thread on Lean Production Launch, click here.

Baseline Production Launch Process  This presentation describes the basic elements of the baseline process which is close to a plug-and-play process. Click here for a PDF file.

Baseline Production Launch Process – With Lean Principles at its Foundation  This paper documents how the Baseline Production Launch Process embodies the Toyota Way 14 Management Principles spelled out by Jeffrey Liker in 2004. Click here for a PDF file.

Lean Project Management Tools – General Purpose Templates  This presentation shows examples of general purpose templates used in re-engineering business practices. Click here for a PDF file.

Forms of Waste  The single page includes the 8 forms of waste and 2 main contributors. Click here for a PDF file.

Toyota Way 14 Management Principles  This single page shows the 14 principles spelled out by Jeffrey Liker in the book The Toyota Way (2004). Click here for a PDF file

Also available in-person are numerous other presentations and documented case studies.  Write or call for details.