My Credentials

D Harvey

  • Manufacturing Engineering and Operations (26 years) in product areas of cars, trucks, tier 1 components, engines, transmissions, machine tools, electrical equipment, locomotives and defense – light armored vehicles.
  • Lean business process development (18 years)
  • Production launch (10 years) with executive responsibility for 42 production launches
  • Product development processes (20 years)
  • Advanced manufacturing engineering and technology implementation (20 years)
  • Subject matter expert: lean manufacturing, design for manufacture, supplier development, value-stream-mapping, coaching and training


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A few pathfinder examples from my past

I made a career out of being a corporate pathfinder. I was consistently called on to lead change opportunities where the path forward was unclear and obstacles abounded.

Production Launch. In 1996, I was the executive team leader for developing General Motor’s first production launch process for car and truck programs. The team consisted of members from diverse functional areas who eventually had to agree on one common solution. In 1997, the process was adopted corporate wide. It was credited with minimizing a legacy customer reluctance to buy vehicles the first year they were introduced.

Business Process Re-Engineering. In 1999, I led an initiative to reduce site-wide housekeeping expenses by 30% to benchmark levels with full UAW employee participation and no grievances filed. The project made heavy use of six-sigma DMAIC methodology for problem solving.

Lean Production Launch. In 2001, I appointed responsible for the production launch of the Stryker Light Armored Vehicle (LAVs) program for GM Defense. They did not have a launch process in place when I began and the car and truck version did not fit. This is where I developed the lean version of the launch process. Before I left GM Defense in 2003, I managed the successful production launch of 17 LAV and turret programs, all of which achieved their targeted prformance.

Lean Product Development. In 2004, I was the executive team leader for developing GM’s Electro-Motive Division‘s highly revised product development process to shorten customer lead times in half. Using value stream mapping as the center piece of the project, almost every part of the organization participated.

Business Process Re-Engineering. In 2008, the DuPage Habitat for Humanity affiliate in the Chicago-land area had to more than triple it’s home building capability without increasing its level of paid staff. Pro-bono, I led the effort using value stream mapping to implement lean principles into their core process. This was done without the usual series of training sessions and workshops. In fact, the implementation was done without ever using the word “lean”.