What Clients Can Expect

I provide on-site development and implementation of business processes tailored to the client’s business and their company environment. Besides experience, I have a large selection of templates and materials from which to draw upon.

Here are likely outcomes for the two focus areas.

Business process re-engineering

Many companies want to implement lean principles into their business processes and practices but this can be a daunting task. I have extensive experience (18 years) in accomplishing this plus a considerable number of tools and methodologies which can be plugged in quickly. For more complex processes where integration of several functional areas is needed, I might choose to lead a value stream mapping effort that maximizes buy-in and process robustness. Click here for further details.

Examples of what clients seek: Implementing lean business processes will lead to:

  • Elimination of all forms of waste – leading to savings in time, money, and quality
  • Implementation of visual control to the business
  • Better integration of different functional areas
  • Achieving the benefits of lean without having to invest in high dollar technology
  • Opportunities to retain corporate knowledge in useful forms

Lean Production Launch

Production launch is all the activities necessary to get a manufacturing plant to line-rate for a product that is new to the plant. I offer a Baseline Production Launch Process which is close to a plug-and-play solution. I have had executive leadership responsibility for 42 production launches during my career which have utilized this approach. Click here for further details.

Examples of what clients seek: Implementing Lean Production Launch will lead to:

  • Substantial reduction in supplier problems prior to start of production
  • Achieve better first time quality by start of production
  • Potential to methodically reduce the number of pre-production prototypes
  • Having production better adapt to late changes without missing start of production
  • Better integration of all functional areas of the business during launch

In every case where Lean Production Launch has been successfully implemented, the company has been inspired to make improvements to their product development process and product designs. Click here for further details.